The Inspired Mic in June!

We hope your Memorial Day is going well. Please take a moment to remember that this country was forged and built in many ways by those who gave their lives defending us. Have a safe and wonderful day!

In June, which is only a few days away can you believe it, The Inspired Mic will be on Thursday June 22nd. We’ve moved the date back one week for this month. Typically The Inspired Mic is every third Thursday. Tickets are now on sale and available on this site. Get yours today!

The Inspired Mic Enters Its Fifth Year!

Yes. It’s true. May 2013, Jeff Swesky and I set off on a mission to create something to help writers. The concept was born at a Christmas Party five months prior. Thanks to Jeff and Carol Fisher, owners of The Beachhouse Beanery at the time, we landed a venue. Thanks to the creative talent all around us, we instigated some magic.

Jeff and I did not know exactly how to create a successful event, but we had ideas and instincts which proved to own merit. The Inspired Mic is all about helping creative people by supplying an opportunity for an outlet for their work and passion.

The Inspired Mic feels quite at home at the New Europa in the European Village in Palm Coast. The event stands as an enjoyable night out as well as an opportunity for 14 presenters to show us their creative passions. We applaud everyone who stokes up the nerve to present in front of a live audience.

We also love the fact that our presenters’ ages run from nine-years-old to ninety-years-old. In our small way, we bridge multiple generations, multiple forms of creativity (writers, musicians, magicians, mentalists, artists, etc), and an opportunity for people to enjoy entertainment they cannot find elsewhere in Flagler County.

Come join us Thursday May 18th as we step into Year Five with bold intention! Get your tickets today! The Inspired Mic Tickets

Angelica Timothy’s Live Performance of “Warrior” at Salvo Art

Every artist owns a defining moment when they break loose and step into their creative nature. Back on June 26, 2015, Angelica Timothy graduated from a frightened, reluctant reader into a dynamic poetic force. She caught me and everyone close to her by surprise. She truly embraced a power within and delivered her message with a charisma she’d never before shown.

Since this performance, Angelica has truly addressed many subjects without watering down her views and observations. She calls her times presenting at The Inspired Mic her “little slices of heaven.” In its entirety, this video stands as a marker from which she has launched her budding writing and speaking endeavors. Come out Thursday evening to hear her presentation of her latest work.

Jodi Hockinson – A March 23rd Inspired Mic Presenter!

Jodi Hockinson

Jodi Hockinson is the author of Between Two Worlds, a fantasy novel of time travel and shape shifting.  Book I in the Lion Clan series, available on Amazon in paperback, kindle and audible.  

This is a fantasy realism story that takes place in the Blue Mountains of Oregon on three different timelines, in the sixties, the eighties, and then the late nineties, which from the viewpoint of the story, is the current timeline.

Temi Black is part of a hybrid breed of people called the Lion Clan who have the ability to change shape into mountain lions. They can also visit the past or present, but with limited abilities once they arrive, and no control over where they are going when they travel.

The entire group lives in the foothills of Picpic mountain, meaning “cat” in the Cayuse language.  Their power is rooted in the heart of this mountain, and it diminishes when they travel too far away.

The people of the mountain lion clan believe that their brief travels though time are spiritual in nature. Temi exhibits exceptional power by traveling without warning as a child.  Her mother panics and moves her away from the mountains. 

The other main character, John, is just a visitor in the mountains, who comes for his annual fishing trip, and crosses paths with Temi on three occasions, twice when she is a small child, and once when she is in her teens.

John and Temi meet up in the modern day, and begin to discover how their timelines are connected, and how their destinies might unfold.

There are unique “rules” to these people, such as what happens when a member of the lion clan clan breeds with a human, how it works when one jumps forward, or backward, in time, how the young come in to their powers, what happens when they stay away from the mountains, and even what happens when they die.There are a couple of great cliffhangers, while wrapping up the story, leave you wanting to know more… In the upcoming sequel, scheduled to release before Christmas, we will learn more of the story of Temi’s parents, more about the next generation that has grown up since the nineties, why Temi’s mother panicked and took Temi away from the mountains, and how this special group of people came into existence.

Between Two Worlds is Jodi’s eighth book, and her first work of fiction.  Her other books include special interest diet cookbooks for people with gout and ulcerative colitis, a tutorial about investing Tax Certificates in Florida, and hosted a Cooking DVD for persons with gout.  She holds degrees in social sciences/history, liberal arts and nutrition.  Jodi is also a professional narrator, and is the voice of over two dozen books on, including three books in the Covington Chronicles series, by Mary Lou Cheatham.


February 16th’s Inspired Mic Recap

First off, what an awesome evening! Despite Amboz’s (owner of the New Europa) house burning down just a few days prior to this event, the New Europa presented an excellent staff and venue as always. I truly appreciate the New Europa’s support of the arts in Flagler County.

We had quite the evening. Our presenters were totally “on” with many memorable presentations. We had a standing room only audience that was enthusiastic and very attentive to each presenter. The fact people come out to see local talent and their creativity is testimony that live entertainment is not dead but actually thriving! I am convinced that if you want great live entertainment in Palm Coast with a delicious meal, The Inspired Mic is the place to be.

Our next event will be a slight departure from our “third Thursday of every month” schedule. March 23rd will see the return of The Inspired Mic to the New Europa. I get excited about every month’s event. This March event is special because we have a couple “new” presenters to the stage. We also have the distinct possibility of selling out of tickets for this one. Tickets are already on sale here – Inspired Mic Tickets – and we will have to take them off sale once we hit our maximum capacity. It’s exciting that word is finally spreading about this event. What a great stage for these creative people!

For a taste of last night’s presentations, I leave you with one of my favorite Becky Pourchot stories read by the one and only Becky Pourchot. Enjoy!

The Inspired Mic – Thursday February 16th!

February at The Inspired Mic is shaping up to be something special. We’ve filled all our presenter slots for February and we’re already filling slots for March and April. In Florida, we often see spring-like weather. Heck, I’ve even had pollen on my car! With the presenters building up, The Inspired Mic shows all signs of blossoming into a hot ticket event!

We welcome presenters to give us write-ups on themselves and what they’re doing so we may pass them along to the world. We also ask for a picture of some sort to go along with the write-up. The information may be as brief or as long as the presenter desires. Don’t forget to get your tickets early as sales are brisk for the February event already. You may purchase your tickets here: The Inspired Mic.

Kevin Cox

Kevin has a new police story for this month’s Inspired Mic. It, of course, is like all of his other stories, completely fictional – or not. You can decide.  Kevin has written a novella that he hasn’t decided if he will publish. He also has written a few short stories which, if he does publish the novella, he will add to it and make it a collection. He is now writing a sequel to his first book “A Year in Bushwick.” This one is titled, “Back in Bushwick.”

Here’s a link to Kevin’s book on Amazon: Kevin Cox

The Inspired Mic in December!

loglineNovember 17th Boasted an Overflow Audience!

The Inspired Mic in November garnered an overflow crowd! We had to bring in more seating and two tables! The presenters all seemed to be at the top of their game, which is not unusual, but this night was amazing! Nearly half the audience had never attended an Inspired Mic!

In three weeks, our Thursday December 15th event will kick off at 6:00pm sharp. For those who come regularly to The Inspired Mic, you know the presenters usually kick things up a notch for the holidays. This is also a great way to destress from all the hustle and bustle of the craziness that can be December. I do recommend this – get your tickets early and get to the venue as close to 6:00pm as possible!

I look forward to the December Inspired Mic every year mainly because the energy always comes out and the audiences always relish the entertainment escape. This year, our first at the New Europa, I’m thinking everything will be even more special. The owners of the New Europa are awesome and they go out of their way to make this event a huge success for people attending. From delicious food off the menu to a nice buffet to half-price mixed drinks all evening, there’s nothing left but to kick back and enjoy the entertainment.

Grab your tickets now! Plan to come out and enjoy an evening of eclectic entertainment and awesome food! Bring family and friends and enjoy what our local talented folk are putting together right now just for you! Tickets are available online here: The Inspired Mic

First Time Presenter at November’s Inspired Mic!

Thursday November 17th, The Inspired Mic welcomes Connie Helena to the stage for the first time! Every month The Inspired Mic brings in new people with various talents and messages. We look forward to what Connie delivers!

connie-helenaConnie Helena

Connie Helena is a born creative type residing in Palm Coast for over a decade.  Her writing runs the gamut from paid marketing copy and social media, to personal fiction and essays posted to her
music-focused web site, She received her Bachelors degree in Art in 1993.

Connie is also a happy mother of two boys, a nature lover, visual artist, and experimental photographer.  Her favorite writers include Cormac McCarthy, Joyce Carol Oates, Jeffrey Eugenides, and Toni Morrison.  She is currently producing a collection of short stores to be published in 2017.

November’s Inspired Mic Event

loglineOn Thursday November 17th, The Inspired Mic will parade 14 local, talented people across our stage. Each person will show off their creativity for you, the audience. Without fail, someone, or even multiple people will blow you away with their creations.

Last month’s event nearly sold out. Seating was quite limited by 6:15, fifteen minutes before the first presenter began. With our snow birds returning, we are looking forward to a standing room only crowd. Why is this important?

A number of reasons. I’m in my fourth year of putting on this event. I can tell you from experience, when you get owners like those at the New Europa backing you, great things happen. Not just for the event, but for the individuals who overcome everything from stage fright to fears of presenting their work in front of a live audience.

I’ve seen people who once were shaking in their shoes simply attempting to get through 7 minutes of presentation, to now speaking and presenting before hundreds of people with confidence. One of these people is a rising senior at Flagler Palm Coast High School. Others are middle aged. We even have an 89 year old presenter who wow’s us every time he presents with his down-home wit and life experiences.

A large audience is also important to keep an event like this going and to give back to the owners of the New Europa. Michele and I had a wonderful dinner one evening at the New Europa and we encourage everyone to consider the New Europa when looking for a great dinner and dining experience.

The following video is from the May 2015 Inspired Mic. Ashley Flores, a junior at Flagler Palm Coast High School gave us a wonderful performance (my blundering her introduction notwithstanding..)

Get your tickets here! The Inspired Mic

The Inspired Mic Grows!

Thursday October 20th, The Inspired Mic enjoyed a full house audience and outstanding presentations from 14 local talents. From music, to cop stories, to poetry, to the fall of Saigon to introspective writings and many other styles of presentation, the evening was loaded with surprises, as usual.

Our host, the New Europa, is one of the strongest supporters of the arts in Flagler County. Abroz and Alida support writers at a grass roots level. They not only help us by supplying an outstanding venue, they serve delicious food, run drinks at half price during the event, and they help spread the word about our event. Michele and I had dinner at the New Europa last month, and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The food and atmosphere were outstanding.

Our next event will be November 17th. Please email me, Michael Ray King at if you would like to be a presenter in November. The presenter spots will fill up quickly, so please contact me right away if you would like to participate.

John Parkes won the $50 raffle at the end of the evening which was pretty cool. I believe it was his first visit to The Inspired Mic! Tickets for November are already available here: The Inspired Mic Tickets. Purchasing advance tickets saves you $4.50 per ticket at the door, so grab them while they’re available. When you purchase your advance ticket, your name will be placed on a list and you will get your free drink ticket and admission into the event at the door.

We look forward to our November event. Every year the holidays bring out something special. Don’t miss out! Grab your ticket today!