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I come from a theatre, education, and business background, which provides many of the plot and character ideas in the Space Coast series. I love seeing the performance art in everyday competitions and those are so easily transformed into novels and plays. Even working in an office can be theatrical, a little suspenseful, with backstories everywhere. And so it is in the series.
American Saddlebreds are showy and gorgeous and are a part of our national history. In Space Coast Island, the horse show world is the starting point for exposing the nefarious goings-on by a real estate company out to exploit the land around NASA on Merritt Island, and even on the future Moon explorations.
In Space Coast Musical, the second book in the Space Coast series, it is all about performances on and off stage of a community theatre, the Belle Playhouse, putting on, yet again, the musical, Les Miz. A teenage girl gets caught in a web that could very well spell disaster, and it is up to an older, but no wiser actor, Jody Sommars, to bail her out.
Find out more about the novels, including the interactive and immersive Moon Mayhem, and the plays, at the Mary Turner author website.
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Mary Turner

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