Michele Berg – The Inspired Mic Spotlight – May 5th, 2015

The Inspired Mic is now entering its third year! We began this wonderful trek at The BeachHouse Beanery in May of 2013. This May the 5th, we return to The Beanery and our roots! The Inspired Mic boasts writers of all genres, magicians, musicians, mentalists, actors, motivational speakers, painters, just to name a few. The write-ups you will be reading on this site were all written by the presenters as a way for you to get to know them. Pick your tickets up now, because they are $10 in advance, $15 at the door! You may get tickets in person at Change Jar Books, Flagler Beach Gift Shop, and The BeachHouse Beanery.You may also purchase advance tickets at The Inspired Mic

Michele BergMichele Berg

I was born and raised in South Africa and immigrated to the USA sixteen years ago. I have worked in the ministry, education and the corporate world; however, nothing gives me greater joy and fulfillment than when I am creating.   As an artist and photographer I see art in everything and want to either paint it, photograph it or write a poem about it.

My life has truly been a journey of experiences, people, families and places – writing about them all has given, and continues to give me a sense of joy and exorcism! Every experience in life and every meeting is an opportunity for a poem to be written. How can my life have been effective if I never put pen, paint or picture to paper for a lasting memory.

As a young child my grandmother would read me the poems she wrote and encouraged me to do the same – I remember thinking then how much easier it was to express myself and my feelings through the written word. My father loved poetry and would often read me poems from the classic poets of our time – he said it was like “food for the soul”.

In South Africa our school curriculum was based on the British system so we had Eisteddfods (a Welsh festival of literature, music and performance). Each year schools would select students to enter and recite poetry and read essays – I was part of the group selected each year and won a number of awards. I had a wonderful English teacher in boarding school who encouraged me to write and read my poetry out loud in class, and on occasion during our formal school assemblies.

I have had two poems published as an adult. In Michigan I was part of an online group called The Poetry Cafe and in Florida I joined the Tomoka Poets branch in Palm Coast.

In February of this year my poem ‘Cathedrals’ won second place at Flagler County Art League’s show ‘Art Inspiring Poetry – Poetry Inspiring Art’; and my poem ‘Your Empty Chair’ came in tie for first place for the People’s Choice Award.

“Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks.” Plutarch

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