An Evening to Remember!

The Inspired Mic Plays to a Full House!

Thursday April 19, 2018. The Inspired Mic officially sold out all seating. Unfortunately, we had to turn people away but what a night! 15 presenters put their work out into the world for public consumption. I cannot describe with complete accuracy how much of a challenge placing your creative work into strangers’ ears affects the artist. Intimidation. Fear. Anxiety.

Yet, there is “the rush.”

Yes, that surreal space in time where you hear your work tripping off your tongue and into reality. So many emotions flow through a person behind a microphone they become too numerous to mention. For each person the experience plays a bit different, yet all share a part of themselves on the stage.

Last night, we kicked off with Mystic Mel performing some mentalist shenanigans. Angelica Timothy followed with her poem, “Warrior.” This poem may be seen performed live at Salvo Art in this blogsite’s archives.

Carol Fisher, whose restaurant The Beachhouse Beanery gave birth to The Inspired Mic five years ago, graced the stage with a poem written for her soon-to-be-three-years-old twin granddaughters. This poem not only celebrates their birthday but also touches on their (the granddaughters) hand in helping Carol and her husband heal over the loss of their daughter. A very touching piece of writing and bravery on Carol’s part to take the stage and present her heart.

Jim Harter delivered some of his poetry. Jim has over 1500 poems to his credit and he continues to write more.. Kim Sunshine brought a standup comedy routine which delighted the audience. Standup is such a difficult endeavor. To perform a routine well, the comedian must develop material which is funny, learn and execute timing with the delivery of each joke, and be able to move past any which don’t work like nothing happened. Kim did an excellent job!

Alexandra King read a section of dark fiction from a book she’s currently writing. The imagery of a chaotic, rhythmic, tribal dance with danger and sensual aspects woven into the fabric of the story held the audience’s attention well. Kristin Brinker presented two strong pieces of work, “Skinny” and “My Bubble.” Kristin is just 16 but she delivers her work with a strong presence and rouses the audience each time she takes the stage. This young lady is someone to watch.

Sean Moylan always delights with is incredible ability to recite lengthy pieces of work from memory, with passion and voice inflections which keep you mesmerized. Last night he recited the quite lengthy T.S. Elliot poem “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.” As always, Sean did not disappoint.

Michael Jones took the stage after intermission and delivered a powerful view of what its like to have a mental illness. Michael also demonstrated the challenges and the rewards of having bipolar disorder. His presentation was not only inspiring, the information may well help others view people who struggle with similar health issues in a different light.

Becky Pourchot settled in behind the microphone for two hot, steamy poems about lust and desire and passion told with such an eloquent flair that the energy of her work flowed smooth despite the raw passions her words described. Becky always delivers imagery that capture the listeners’ ears, hearts and imaginations. This evening was no exception.

Abby Truelsen, a member of the Volusia County Poet Laureate mentoring program, delivered two outstanding pieces of work. This was Abby’s first time on The Inspired Mic stage. At first she appeared nervous but she soon settled into her amazing work and delivered the poems in outstanding fashion.

Bianca Simone brought her “A” game last night with two powerful pieces of writing which moved the audience. Bianca brought power, passion, and a strong performance of he work which roused the crowd. Shari Falter, an ordained minister, brought us an amazing work of fiction from a larger work which will one day become a full fledged novel. In this particular reading, God is in hell and Lucifer is pissed. You had to be there – this writing is amazing!

Scott Olsen delighted us all with two poems, the second one having quite a humorous bent to it. His delivery was excellent and had each one of us laughing and nodding in agreement with “Things You Don’t Ever Want to Hear.” David Kozba wrapped the evening up with energy and humor and sadness and emotion. David’s poem about an abscessed tooth was hilarious, his poignant story about his grandmother’s slide into dementia was heart-wrenching and David delivered those and more with his energetic panache.

What a night! A sold-out venue, new presenters, great food, incredible atmosphere, eclectic entertainment you won’t find anywhere else in this area all add up to another amazing evening with The Inspired Mic. For future events, we strongly recommend you purchase tickets early. The Europa has a seating capacity of 50. Once all the seats are sold, that’s it!

The Inspired Mic returns next month on Thursday May 17th at 6:00 pm. Tickets are on sale now on this website. We look forward to seeing you there!

Inspired Mic Fun Thursday Evening!

The Inspired Mic celebrates the end of its fifth year Thursday, April 19th at 6:00 pm. Our lineup is a strong mix of new and seasoned, young and not as young, writers, poets, singers, orators, and more. The New Eurpoa in the European Village, Palm Coast has to be one of the most impressive, wonderful businesses in the area.  The owners’ support of the arts in Flagler County is nothing short of amazing.

With the growth of interest in a live, local event such as The Inspired Mic, we’re coming close to a standing-room-only audience! The prudent suggestion would be to purchase your tickets early because this fifth-year-finale my sell out!

Come out and join us as we sport at least 14 diverse presenters showing off their creative works! Great atmosphere, exceptional eclectic entertainment, delicious food, a $75 raffle to end the evening, and local people lending us a taste of their talents! What more could you ask?

Get your tickets now and join us for an amazing evening!

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Last Night at The Inspired Mic – March 15, 2018

What A Night!

Nearly a standing-room-only audience was treated last night to performances as impressive as they were sincere. Anyone who has attended an Inspired Mic event knows how incredibly powerful these evenings can be. Last night was absolutely no exception.

Tovah Janovsky kicked off the evening of presenters with a bit of a spiritual journey piece detailing out her Jewish/Christian heritage. She also let the audience know she is putting together a book from her collection of blog posts on Tovah-Sez. Her book-to-be’s title is, “Sojourner.” You may find the full written presentation of her Inspired Mic performance at the blogsite listed above as well as last month’s hilarious take on long-term marriage.

Angelica Timothy presented two wonderful pieces of work, the first describing is disturbingly accurate language a narcissistic, dependent, sociopath. Her words perfectly detailed what it is like to attempt to befriend such a personality. The second work addressed the recent school shooting and was delivered with skill and power.

Jim Harter, a prolific poet, brought some wonderful life poetry from his latest book as well as an intelligently funny risque poem like only Jim can deliver. Jim announced his next book is soon to be in the works. He has published over 1500 of his poems over the years in a wonderfully chronological format of his life.

Carol Fisher then took the stage. Yes, the Carol Fisher who five years ago gave The Inspired Mic its very first venue for the first two years of its life. She recounted the nights by the ocean and how wonderful the event was in that setting. She announced her new work at the big fresh produce market just west of the Flagler Beach bridge. Then, in true Carol fashion, she brought the audience a wonderful piece of writing which placed life in a clearer, more wonderful perspective.

Bianca Simone brought some wonderful poetry, one also addressing the latest school shooting after which she placed an exclamation point on the presentation by informing the audience of a relative child who was directly affected by the shooting, not only by bloodied victims fleeing into her school but also the loss of three friends in the shooting. On a more joyous not, she announced her engagement! She also autographed a book as well as the lineup sheet for the evening for an audience member who loved her presentation!

Sixteen-year-old Kristin Brinker brought back her original presentation on her ADD issues as well as an incredibly powerful and poignant piece of writing titled, “My Bubble.” Kristin wrestles with the effects of ADD and is determined to have her voice heard on many important social topics. Wise beyond her years, as she hones her presentation skills, every performance rises stronger. “My Bubble” is a powerful piece of writing.

Sean Moylan never disappoints. He’s presented excerpts from Moby Dick, East of Eden, numerous poems by famous poets including Langston Hughes, and three of Edgar Allen Poe’s works, The Bells, The Raven, and The Conquering Worm. Last night he regaled us with not only the previously mentioned Conquering Worm by Poe, but a delightful rendition of an Ogden Nash poem which contained a ton of wonderful humor. Sean’s presentations are always by rote and always delivered with oratory perfection. A wonderful sample of his presentational prowess from November’s Inspired Mic is this link to a John F. Kennedy speech.

Mystic Mel is another great orator. He tells colorful stories of his life, many of them hilarious, many poignant, and as is life, some sad. Last night Mel brought us the story of his best friend Bruce. The two had very little in common, yet they forged a close bond through riding motorcycles. Mel was riding with Bruce the tragic day that Bruce died in a riding accident. Mel’s presentation touched us all.

Kevin Cox returned to his NY City police stories. Cops own some of the best stories out there. This particular story involved a domestic dispute call where two officers addressed a man gone bonkers. A woman ran out of the building screaming, “He’s going to kill me!”. The two officers then confronted the man who promptly armed himself with a set of num-chucks and then proceeded to kick his own ass with is own weapon! He required all kinds of stitches, suffered a concussion, and broke his own elbow while wielding his Bruce Lee weapon. Kevin has witnessed far too many hilarious incidents in his day…

The evening then went into “youth mode” with the next three presenters being under twenty years old. First, Ashely Flores gave us three Shakespearean monologues of strong women. The thespian in her came out as she performed each monologue with passion. Ashely has performed some cool Shakespearean monologues at The Inspired Mic in the past. Here is her first performance years ago when The Inspired Mic was hosted at the Cypress Knoll Country Club – Ashley Flores.

Alexandra King, after having been absent from The Inspired Mic stage for over a year, brought us a dark fiction piece of writing which captured a dangerous encounter with an alien cannibal. Alexandra sets her scenes with many visuals as well as emotionally edgy writing. She just completed her Associate’s degree in May of 2017 at the age of 17 and has stepped back into her writing with vigor.

David Kozba brought us an incredible work presented in Irish Brogue, then a musical/rap performance followed by an extremely humorous bit of modern poetry. David was in awesome form, personable as always and quite animated on the stage. His presentation was a delight for all.

Alida Ferrena, one of the owners of the Europa, brought us an excerpt from her book-in-progress, Jungle to Jungle, which chronicles going from the jungles of India to New York City, a jungle in itself. Her vignette this evening had to do with her at sixteen years old traveling to the big city to attempt to nab a job as a stewardess with British Airways. The story held many visuals and innocence about the realities of life. While her sixteen-year-old self may have been a bit naive, the story of her desire to “see the world” was poignant.

Michael Ray King dusted off some fiction from his fiction blogsite, Fiction’s Footsteps. He excerpted a serial blog story intended to become a novel titled “The Cold Bite of Autumn.” In this story, Autumn is a ruthless assassin who just murdered three fellow conspirators in a car wrecked planned to kill all four occupants. Autumn survived and was rescued by Daniel Thorgrave, a man who hoped he may have helped save the life of a “normal” woman. Apparently, he is about to discover Autumn to be as far from normal as he could ever imagine.

It’s a shame people miss out each month on some of the most creative, innovative live performances they could ever hope to attend. The 14 presenters each month pull out slices of talent and genius to entertain each audience. Each presenter gets 7 minutes and each month the presenters deliver. This event is not only five years old, The Inspired Mic gains strength and momentum each month. Soon, getting tickets to the event will become tough as word spreads about the entertainment, delicious food, and wonderful atmosphere.

Our next event will be Thursday, April 19th at 6:00 pm. I strongly suggest purchasing your tickets early for April. This event will likely sell out! To reserve your tickets, follow this link: Inspired Mic Tickets. Also, check out our Facebook page at The Inspired Mic


The Inspired Mic! Thursday, March 15th at 6:00 pm

Yes, The Inspired Mic is coming upon us quickly! Get your tickets and come out for a great evening of eclectic entertainment, delicious food, $50 raffle, and atmosphere out the wazoo!!! 🙂

Here are your critical links!

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Come out and enjoy delicious food, eclectic entertainment and a wonderful atmosphere at The Europa in the European Village Palm Coast!

Robin H. Soprano at the November 2017 Inspired Mic!

Robin H. Soprano

Robin is currently writing her third book – Three Blind Wives – from which the following presentation is an excerpt. The book is a humorous look at three women who go on the dating site circuit and some of the hilarious antics they get into…

Come out for the next event, Thursday December 14th at 6:00pm. Get your tickets here: The Inspired Mic

Angelica Timothy at the November 2017 Inspired Mic!

Angelica Timothy

Angelica always brings her “A” game. Her writing is powerful. She often tackles social issues. At eighteen-years-old she shows an ability to present provocative material in a passionate manner. An Inspired Mic regular and a favorite of many, Angelica is the voice of a new generation…

Come out for the next event, Thursday December 14th at 6:00pm. Get your tickets here: The Inspired Mic

Sean Moylan at the November 2017 Inspired Mic!

Sean Moylan

Sean presented a speech originally given by President John F. Kennedy. Sean delivered the speech by rote and for good measure, mimicked JFK’s style of voice. An exceptional presentation made even more impressive by his ability to memorize the speech…

Come out for the next event, Thursday December 14th at 6:00pm. Get your tickets here: The Inspired Mic

Inspired Mic November 2017 – Mystic Mel!

Mystic Mel

For a taste of The Inspired Mic, we will be posting individual presentations from November’s event. First up is Mystic Mel who always comes with a wonderful story. This night, he brought us three…

Come out for the next event, Thursday December 14th at 6:00pm. Get your tickets here: The Inspired Mic

Karen Nicely at The Inspired Mic October 19th!

Karin Nicely

In a past life, editor Karin Nicely was also a professional vocalist and songwriter. Tonight she will perform a song entitled Kindred Soil from her second album with the band Persephone’s Dream. Inspired by a drive through the battlefields of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, she wrote the song’s lyrics, but as the band worked on the piece, something was missing. A poem she had written at age 23 in response to a PBS series on the Civil War rounded out the song. The spoken words emphasize the plight of women during the war who had no political or military power or voice and yet had to endure the injury and loss of the men they loved.


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Kevin Cox at The Inspired Mic Thursday September 21st!

Kevin Cox

Kevin Cox was a New York City Cop in the Seventies. He worked for a year in Bedford–Stuyvesant followed by a year on the Apple (42nd and 7th, Times Square). He finally found a home at the 83rd Precinct in Bushwick Brooklyn. While Kevin worked there the Precinct of only approximately three square miles ran over six hundred shootings a year. He worked on the street during the Blackout of 1977 when the precinct was hit the looting on an unprecedented scale. Over one hundred thousand rioters looted and burned almost every store on Broadway in Brooklyn. That was followed less than a week later with the largest fire in Brooklyn’s history. Kevin retired from the NYPD due to injuries and moved to Pennsylvania where he worked as an Enforcement Officer for the Cumberland County courts.

Kevin received numerous medals and honors from the city of New York. He was a member of the Honor Legion of the NYPD. In his life, Kevin made over a thousand arrests.

He has one book out and two others due out soon. The one presently out is “A Year In Bushwick”. In the book, he tried to give the feeling of what it was like back then. If you decide to read the book and you like it buy a lot of copies to give out to people you like as Christmas presents. If you don’t like it still buy the copies and give them to people you don’t like. They won’t know which category they fit in.