Kristin Brinker Tonight at The Inspired Mic!

Kristin Brinker

I’m Kristin Brinker born August 23rd, 2001. I Was born with ADD but wasn’t diagnosed until the third grade. I struggle with school more so than not, and surprisingly not a very good reader. But when I hear another person read, it sinks in and I imagined to be that person who helps others understand. I am a very active in the community;

I’m going on year seven in Kiwanis, involved in FFA, softball, volunteer at the elementary school, help the neighbors as much as I can, I was in Josh crews writing club for three years, but if I continue to go on I may never stop. Like I said before I am a very bad reader, but writing is a completely different story for me. When I’m telling someone how I feel I have to basically sit down for some good time and think about what I’m going to say.

But when I write poetry it just flows out, I can say how I feel and I know what I’m saying. When I write about what it’s like to be in school or have anxiety, people my age have shown them my poems to show how they feel. “You’re the voice we wish we had.” Not just young people but adults too. When ever that happens and someone uses my work to help to give an understanding of how they feel and ask for help by using the words that couldn’t piece together but I could. Well when that happens, I know I at least did something right.

Ed Siarkowicz This Thursday Evening at The Inspired Mic!

Ed Siarkowicz (Shar-KO-vitch) was born in New York City and grew up on a dairy goat farm on Eastern Long Island. After spending 6 years as a commercial fisherman, he went on to graduate from New York Chiropractic College in 1992, moving to Florida where he practiced in both St. Johns and Flagler Counties for over 20 years. Retiring in 2011, he turned Professional Photographer, and after successfully exhibiting in both Flagler Beach and Kennebunkport, Maine, he went on have his work featured in the offices of President George W. Bush, New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, US Congressman Ron DeSantis, and Florida Senator Travis Hutson. He is presently writing a book with Pierre Matisse, the 90 year old grandson of French master Henri Matisse, and is the Host of a storm chasing show on Flagler County Television entitled The Scud Buster Diaries. Visit his web-site at

Jesse Gourdet at The Inspired Mic August 17th!

Jesse Gourdet

This coming Thursday, August 17, Jesse Gourdet will be presenting his latest book A Reason or A Season on The Inspired Mic in Palm Coast, Florida. You are invited.

What began as a simple trip on an Amtrak train from Virginia to Florida turned into an intimate autobiography and cultural heritage. Jesse Gourdet spins stories of his past in Haiti and his tireless quest for the American dream.

Gourdet imparts the insights he gained during his early years in Haiti and his career in America. He describes his childhood spent with his family in Haiti and the serious illness that almost killed him as a young boy. Haiti of the 1950s and 1960s bursts into life as Gourdet explains his complicated family history and the local culture he grew up in. The love and respect Gourdet has for his family shines through every page

When he was twenty-four, Gourdet decided to move to America and pursue the often-elusive American dream. His memoir goes on to memorialize the people who helped him along the way and the lessons they taught him about life and love. As you will learn, Gourdet spent his life searching for ways to make it meaningful. And as A Reason or a Season proves, he succeeded.

Another book by Jesse Gourdet:

Let it be Easy

Tovah Janovsky at The Inspired Mic August 17th!

Tovah Janovsky

Tovah (aka Patricia) Janovsky is a New York City born and bred lady.  Growing up in the 1950’s and 60’s she lived through many historical and cultural events such as the beginning of the Space Race, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the assassination of JFK, had first-hand experience of the “Summer of Love” in San Francisco 1967 which ushered in the hippie generation, worked at MGM/Verve for several years meeting a variety of recording artists of that time, attended Woodstock 1969, worried and prayed for the Apollo 13 astronauts in the midst of that crisis.  She is a poll worker, reading mentor at a local school, and a blood donor (5 gallons in her lifetime).  She also belonged to the Medical Reserve Corp which assists first responders in local emergencies.  She is married to John Janovsky for 47 years; they have 3 grown children and 4 grandsons.

As a reader, she loved the work of Dostoevsky (especially the Brothers Karamazov).  She always liked to write but wondered if her work was any good.  At a business Meetup, she met Chris Speno who told her about the Florida Writers Association and Tovah began going to their meetings to have her work critiqued by other writers.  It was a wonderful experience and she learned a lot of things.  Some short pieces she wrote were published at Poet Plant Press in St. Augustine.  One called “It’s a Jungle Out There” is in the Florida Speaks book.   “Impressions of Arthur”, a free verse poem was published in the first issue of A.C.P.A.P.A. Anthology (Ancient City Poets, Authors, Photographers and Artists)

She’s been writing a blog ( since 2005.  In it she shares stories of her faith walk, spiritual insights, dreams, supernatural experiences, travels and other experiences.  She hopes to do a blog to book in the future.  In the meantime reading (or singing) at Inspired Mic keeps the creative juices flowing.  Stay tuned.

Mary Turner at The Inspired Mic on August 17th

Lights! Camera! Oooops!
There’s plenty of action in the Space Coast novels, as television actor Jody Sommars stumbles upon what she calls performance art, which sets the stage for small town crimes and misdemeanors. Jody and her gal-pal, Jamie Dawson, have to set right all kinds of wrongs that cross their paths. It all plays out on Florida’s Space Coast, where NASA shuttles once flew.
In Book 1 of the Space Coast series, Space Coast Island, performance art is the very flashy American Saddlebred show horses caught in the middle of an old fashioned land-grab.
In Book 2 of the Space Coast series, Space Coast Musical, the performance takes place at the Belle Playhouse community theatre, where they are putting on yet another production of Les Miz. What can go right? In professional actor Jody Sommars’ world, sometimes everything.
Chris Anderson, in his book The Long Tail, thought that the Internet would make niches for smaller works possible so that people could pick from what interests them rather than having to take only the big blockbusters. So I’m trying out this theory. I’ve published affordable, interesting stories on the Kindle bookstore.
Learn more at
And the other good news is, “Kindle books can be read on iPad, iPhone, and Android devices with free Kindle reading apps, as well as Kindle devices.”
So come to my bookshelf on Amazon. Check it out.  

Ernie Gallo at The Inspired Mic Coming Thursday August 17th

Ernie Gallo is the President of the USS Liberty Veterans Association and author of “Liberty Injustices – A Survivor’s Account of American Bigotry” which is available from   The focus of his organization is to inform the American public the truth of the deliberate and brutal Israeli attack on the U.S. Navy intelligence ship, USS Liberty on June 8, 1967, fifty years ago.  The USS Liberty is the most decorated Navy ship for a single engagement, however, our government and the media has portrayed the crew including Ernie as wieners and anti-Semitic disgracing the honorable place in history protecting our relationship with Israel.  See and  His aim and struggle is to change this injustice.

In addition, Ernie assisted in the writing of “Remember the Liberty – Almost Sunk by Treason on the High Seas” by Phillip Nelson.  It is also available from    This book explores how a sitting U.S. President collaborated with Israeli leaders in the fomentation of a war between them and their Arab neighbors.

Since coming to Palm Coast, Ernie has dedicated his life to giving back to the sea services while honoring the USS Liberty crew.  He sits on the board of directors of the Daytona Beach Navy League and the American Cold War Veterans Association.  He is a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association.  In 2005, to honor the skipper of the USS Liberty, a recipient of the Medal of Honor, he launched the Captain William McGonagle Memorial Library.  To date, the project has collected and distributed 20,000 used books to the various Navy and Coast Guard commands in our local area.

Recently, Ernie received a bronze plaque from a lady in Delaware and decided to have the plaque,  honoring the USS Liberty crew, placed the Palm Coast’s Heroes Memorial Park.  While initially approved by the city, the city manager has stepped in to stop the process because the plaque states “attacked by Israel”.  According to him, this phrase will upset a “certain” group of our citizens and the official federal explanation indicates the attack was accidental – an erroneous position Ernie and the crew has been fighting.

Mary Turner This Thursday at The Inspired Mic!

I come from a theatre, education, and business background, which provides many of the plot and character ideas in the Space Coast series. I love seeing the performance art in everyday competitions and those are so easily transformed into novels and plays. Even working in an office can be theatrical, a little suspenseful, with backstories everywhere. And so it is in the series.
American Saddlebreds are showy and gorgeous and are a part of our national history. In Space Coast Island, the horse show world is the starting point for exposing the nefarious goings-on by a real estate company out to exploit the land around NASA on Merritt Island, and even on the future Moon explorations.
In Space Coast Musical, the second book in the Space Coast series, it is all about performances on and off stage of a community theatre, the Belle Playhouse, putting on, yet again, the musical, Les Miz. A teenage girl gets caught in a web that could very well spell disaster, and it is up to an older, but no wiser actor, Jody Sommars, to bail her out.
Find out more about the novels, including the interactive and immersive Moon Mayhem, and the plays, at the Mary Turner author website.
Follow me on Facebook, where I’ll keep you entertained and updated on how the latest and future works are going, and where you can leave your comments.
Mary Turner

Aynne McAvoy – The Inspired Mic July 20th!

Just Who Are THEY Anyway? is an account by Aynne McAvoy, psychic and owner of Golden Trines metaphysical of her life long experiences with the angels.  She brings us through the years from 1952 to 2017 with some of her interactions with them.  The second half of the book introduces you to these lovely light filled beings, who call themselves simply THEY.   These beings give us all a simple spiritual GPS to navigate through our daily issues, both big and small.  THEY have a fantastic sense of humor as THEY lovingly guide us with these messages.  The first of what will be  a three book series.
Brand new, just released! Available on in paperback, Kindle and FREE on Kindle Unlimited!
Aynne is a transplant from Syracuse NY in 2009, when she moved to Palm Coast, Fl with hubby and her two cats.  She has been a very busy little metaphysical bee since alighting here in our city!

The Inspired Mic in June!

We hope your Memorial Day is going well. Please take a moment to remember that this country was forged and built in many ways by those who gave their lives defending us. Have a safe and wonderful day!

In June, which is only a few days away can you believe it, The Inspired Mic will be on Thursday June 22nd. We’ve moved the date back one week for this month. Typically The Inspired Mic is every third Thursday. Tickets are now on sale and available on this site. Get yours today!

The Inspired Mic Enters Its Fifth Year!

Yes. It’s true. May 2013, Jeff Swesky and I set off on a mission to create something to help writers. The concept was born at a Christmas Party five months prior. Thanks to Jeff and Carol Fisher, owners of The Beachhouse Beanery at the time, we landed a venue. Thanks to the creative talent all around us, we instigated some magic.

Jeff and I did not know exactly how to create a successful event, but we had ideas and instincts which proved to own merit. The Inspired Mic is all about helping creative people by supplying an opportunity for an outlet for their work and passion.

The Inspired Mic feels quite at home at the New Europa in the European Village in Palm Coast. The event stands as an enjoyable night out as well as an opportunity for 14 presenters to show us their creative passions. We applaud everyone who stokes up the nerve to present in front of a live audience.

We also love the fact that our presenters’ ages run from nine-years-old to ninety-years-old. In our small way, we bridge multiple generations, multiple forms of creativity (writers, musicians, magicians, mentalists, artists, etc), and an opportunity for people to enjoy entertainment they cannot find elsewhere in Flagler County.

Come join us Thursday May 18th as we step into Year Five with bold intention! Get your tickets today! The Inspired Mic Tickets