Angelica Timothy at the November 2017 Inspired Mic!

Angelica Timothy

Angelica always brings her “A” game. Her writing is powerful. She often tackles social issues. At eighteen-years-old she shows an ability to present provocative material in a passionate manner. An Inspired Mic regular and a favorite of many, Angelica is the voice of a new generation…

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Sean Moylan at the November 2017 Inspired Mic!

Sean Moylan

Sean presented a speech originally given by President John F. Kennedy. Sean delivered the speech by rote and for good measure, mimicked JFK’s style of voice. An exceptional presentation made even more impressive by his ability to memorize the speech…

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Inspired Mic November 2017 – Mystic Mel!

Mystic Mel

For a taste of The Inspired Mic, we will be posting individual presentations from November’s event. First up is Mystic Mel who always comes with a wonderful story. This night, he brought us three…

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Karen Nicely at The Inspired Mic October 19th!

Karin Nicely

In a past life, editor Karin Nicely was also a professional vocalist and songwriter. Tonight she will perform a song entitled Kindred Soil from her second album with the band Persephone’s Dream. Inspired by a drive through the battlefields of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, she wrote the song’s lyrics, but as the band worked on the piece, something was missing. A poem she had written at age 23 in response to a PBS series on the Civil War rounded out the song. The spoken words emphasize the plight of women during the war who had no political or military power or voice and yet had to endure the injury and loss of the men they loved.


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Kevin Cox at The Inspired Mic Thursday September 21st!

Kevin Cox

Kevin Cox was a New York City Cop in the Seventies. He worked for a year in Bedford–Stuyvesant followed by a year on the Apple (42nd and 7th, Times Square). He finally found a home at the 83rd Precinct in Bushwick Brooklyn. While Kevin worked there the Precinct of only approximately three square miles ran over six hundred shootings a year. He worked on the street during the Blackout of 1977 when the precinct was hit the looting on an unprecedented scale. Over one hundred thousand rioters looted and burned almost every store on Broadway in Brooklyn. That was followed less than a week later with the largest fire in Brooklyn’s history. Kevin retired from the NYPD due to injuries and moved to Pennsylvania where he worked as an Enforcement Officer for the Cumberland County courts.

Kevin received numerous medals and honors from the city of New York. He was a member of the Honor Legion of the NYPD. In his life, Kevin made over a thousand arrests.

He has one book out and two others due out soon. The one presently out is “A Year In Bushwick”. In the book, he tried to give the feeling of what it was like back then. If you decide to read the book and you like it buy a lot of copies to give out to people you like as Christmas presents. If you don’t like it still buy the copies and give them to people you don’t like. They won’t know which category they fit in.

Pat Gaydos-Grillo at The Inspired Mic Thursday September 21st!

Pat Gaydos-Grillo

My name is Pat-Gaydos-Grillo and I am a how-to writer. My topics range from How to Grow Holly Hocks in Northern Florida to How to Use a Kindle. My forte’, otherwise referred to as my obsession, is to experience, research, document and present information in an easy -to- follow format. Needless to say, I am a non-fiction writer and a realist.
My current endeavor is Steps & Beats; a line dance book. My goal is to promote line dancing and to help new dancers build both skill and confidence on the dance floor.

I am 72 years old and have been line dancing for 3 years and will testify that dancing has increased the quality of my life. I have lost weight, improved my posture, coordination, and physical stamina. By memorizing dance steps, also referred to as mental mapping, I have increased my ability to comprehend and remember information. I have also developed a feeling of well-being through my social interaction with other dancers.

Steps and Beats include topics such as health information, proper dress, dance floor rules, how to read a step sheet, step terminology, how to count steps, and the names of the steps.
Sounds like a big order? Well, it’s not! At tops, there are approximately 20 steps you will need to learn and a few variations of specific steps. Once you master the main steps, the rest is a piece of cake.

Also included with the book is a CD containing 22 step sheets and 13 videos. For those who no longer have a CD player, I have included a link and password so you can download the files onto your computer, phones, and tablets.

My eight-week absolute beginner line-dancing class starts on Wednesday, Oct 11, 2017 and ends on Nov29th. I teach my book, Step & Beats, in the class. Open dancing is every Tuesday and Thursday from 10 to 11:30 a.m. Visit my sites for updates and more information.

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Tristen Baker Tonight at The Inspired Mic

Tristen Baker

Tristen Baker also known as the “poetic guitarist” or more commonly, “Warrior Of Life” is a young published poet with his 2nd and 3rd books in the works.
You can purchase his current Ebook release “Done Longing For Change” off the Amazon Kindle store (link provided below)

Tristen is also a musician seeking to grow and thrive within the music scene of the State of Florida. He writes his own music and is also capable of covering popular and well known tunes as well as some oldies but goodies.

Make sure to follow him on his rapidly growing Facebook page ” Poetry Wonderland” and feel free to share and become involved in a world where creativity is an art!

Done Longing For Change

(Poetry wonderland)

Kristin Brinker Tonight at The Inspired Mic!

Kristin Brinker

I’m Kristin Brinker born August 23rd, 2001. I Was born with ADD but wasn’t diagnosed until the third grade. I struggle with school more so than not, and surprisingly not a very good reader. But when I hear another person read, it sinks in and I imagined to be that person who helps others understand. I am a very active in the community;

I’m going on year seven in Kiwanis, involved in FFA, softball, volunteer at the elementary school, help the neighbors as much as I can, I was in Josh crews writing club for three years, but if I continue to go on I may never stop. Like I said before I am a very bad reader, but writing is a completely different story for me. When I’m telling someone how I feel I have to basically sit down for some good time and think about what I’m going to say.

But when I write poetry it just flows out, I can say how I feel and I know what I’m saying. When I write about what it’s like to be in school or have anxiety, people my age have shown them my poems to show how they feel. “You’re the voice we wish we had.” Not just young people but adults too. When ever that happens and someone uses my work to help to give an understanding of how they feel and ask for help by using the words that couldn’t piece together but I could. Well when that happens, I know I at least did something right.

Ed Siarkowicz This Thursday Evening at The Inspired Mic!

Ed Siarkowicz (Shar-KO-vitch) was born in New York City and grew up on a dairy goat farm on Eastern Long Island. After spending 6 years as a commercial fisherman, he went on to graduate from New York Chiropractic College in 1992, moving to Florida where he practiced in both St. Johns and Flagler Counties for over 20 years. Retiring in 2011, he turned Professional Photographer, and after successfully exhibiting in both Flagler Beach and Kennebunkport, Maine, he went on have his work featured in the offices of President George W. Bush, New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, US Congressman Ron DeSantis, and Florida Senator Travis Hutson. He is presently writing a book with Pierre Matisse, the 90 year old grandson of French master Henri Matisse, and is the Host of a storm chasing show on Flagler County Television entitled The Scud Buster Diaries. Visit his web-site at

Jesse Gourdet at The Inspired Mic August 17th!

Jesse Gourdet

This coming Thursday, August 17, Jesse Gourdet will be presenting his latest book A Reason or A Season on The Inspired Mic in Palm Coast, Florida. You are invited.

What began as a simple trip on an Amtrak train from Virginia to Florida turned into an intimate autobiography and cultural heritage. Jesse Gourdet spins stories of his past in Haiti and his tireless quest for the American dream.

Gourdet imparts the insights he gained during his early years in Haiti and his career in America. He describes his childhood spent with his family in Haiti and the serious illness that almost killed him as a young boy. Haiti of the 1950s and 1960s bursts into life as Gourdet explains his complicated family history and the local culture he grew up in. The love and respect Gourdet has for his family shines through every page

When he was twenty-four, Gourdet decided to move to America and pursue the often-elusive American dream. His memoir goes on to memorialize the people who helped him along the way and the lessons they taught him about life and love. As you will learn, Gourdet spent his life searching for ways to make it meaningful. And as A Reason or a Season proves, he succeeded.

Another book by Jesse Gourdet:

Let it be Easy