Presenter Guidelines

As with any event, especially those with as many presenters as The Inspired Mic, there are certain guidelines which must be met. We’ve arrived at these guidelines after three years of experience and we ask they be adhered to with great care.

If you would like to be a presenter at The Inspired Mic:

1) Email your desire to speak to Michael and Liz. The email address is:

2) Purchase a ticket online at the appropriate location:

The Inspired Mic St. Augustine

The Inspired Mic Palm Coast

3) Email a 40 words OR FEWER introduction

4) Presentations MUST be 7 minutes or less. Once the timer hits the 7 minute mark, we must ask the presenter to stop.

5) (Optional) Email a write up about who you are, what you’re doing creatively these days along with a picture and any links you wish to be included. This is a marketing opportunity and the information will be posted on this site.

6) (Optional) Bring and set up a table from which to sell your books, CD’s, DVD’s, etc. We highly encourage you to do this. When you’re on a stage presenting your work, this becomes an opportunity to sell. Table set up need to happen between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm. This is reserved for Presenters ONLY.

Once the required sign-up guidelines are met (the first 3), you will be verified as a presenter. Please email or Facebook Message first, to make sure there are openings available! Presenters will not be considered “signed up” until all three guidelines are met!

If a presenter signs up and later cancels, the ticket is non refundable and the presenter will not be allowed to present for the next two events afterward.

The Inspired Mic encourages creative people to sign up and present their work from any entertainment medium. As we often state, The Inspired Mic is home to writers of all genres, musicians, magicians, mentalists, painters, artists, actors, etc. If you can present your work in 7 minutes or less, you may sign up! It’s that simple!