Angelica Timothy’s Live Performance of “Warrior” at Salvo Art

Every artist owns a defining moment when they break loose and step into their creative nature. Back on June 26, 2015, Angelica Timothy graduated from a frightened, reluctant reader into a dynamic poetic force. She caught me and everyone close … Continue reading

Pen Meets Brush Spotlight – Shm’al Ellenberg June 26, 2015

Pen Meets Brush – June 26, 2015 The Inspired Mic is teaming up with Salvo Art in Palm Coast to present “Pen Meets Brush” where 10 presenters will deliver their creative material while artist J.J. Graham paints his interpretation of … Continue reading

Upcoming Inspired Mic Events!

Inspired Mic in June! The summer is kicking off nicely. Our last event Inspired Mic in May was a colossal hit at Cypress Knoll Country Club. We got excellent video which will soon be available on our new site. As … Continue reading