Ernie Gallo at The Inspired Mic Coming Thursday August 17th

Ernie Gallo is the President of the USS Liberty Veterans Association and author of “Liberty Injustices – A Survivor’s Account of American Bigotry” which is available from   The focus of his organization is to inform the American public the truth of the deliberate and brutal Israeli attack on the U.S. Navy intelligence ship, USS Liberty on June 8, 1967, fifty years ago.  The USS Liberty is the most decorated Navy ship for a single engagement, however, our government and the media has portrayed the crew including Ernie as wieners and anti-Semitic disgracing the honorable place in history protecting our relationship with Israel.  See and  His aim and struggle is to change this injustice.

In addition, Ernie assisted in the writing of “Remember the Liberty – Almost Sunk by Treason on the High Seas” by Phillip Nelson.  It is also available from    This book explores how a sitting U.S. President collaborated with Israeli leaders in the fomentation of a war between them and their Arab neighbors.

Since coming to Palm Coast, Ernie has dedicated his life to giving back to the sea services while honoring the USS Liberty crew.  He sits on the board of directors of the Daytona Beach Navy League and the American Cold War Veterans Association.  He is a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association.  In 2005, to honor the skipper of the USS Liberty, a recipient of the Medal of Honor, he launched the Captain William McGonagle Memorial Library.  To date, the project has collected and distributed 20,000 used books to the various Navy and Coast Guard commands in our local area.

Recently, Ernie received a bronze plaque from a lady in Delaware and decided to have the plaque,  honoring the USS Liberty crew, placed the Palm Coast’s Heroes Memorial Park.  While initially approved by the city, the city manager has stepped in to stop the process because the plaque states “attacked by Israel”.  According to him, this phrase will upset a “certain” group of our citizens and the official federal explanation indicates the attack was accidental – an erroneous position Ernie and the crew has been fighting.

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