First Time Presenter at November’s Inspired Mic!

Thursday November 17th, The Inspired Mic welcomes Connie Helena to the stage for the first time! Every month The Inspired Mic brings in new people with various talents and messages. We look forward to what Connie delivers!

connie-helenaConnie Helena

Connie Helena is a born creative type residing in Palm Coast for over a decade.  Her writing runs the gamut from paid marketing copy and social media, to personal fiction and essays posted to her
music-focused web site, She received her Bachelors degree in Art in 1993.

Connie is also a happy mother of two boys, a nature lover, visual artist, and experimental photographer.  Her favorite writers include Cormac McCarthy, Joyce Carol Oates, Jeffrey Eugenides, and Toni Morrison.  She is currently producing a collection of short stores to be published in 2017.

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