Kristin Brinker Tonight at The Inspired Mic!

Kristin Brinker

I’m Kristin Brinker born August 23rd, 2001. I Was born with ADD but wasn’t diagnosed until the third grade. I struggle with school more so than not, and surprisingly not a very good reader. But when I hear another person read, it sinks in and I imagined to be that person who helps others understand. I am a very active in the community;

I’m going on year seven in Kiwanis, involved in FFA, softball, volunteer at the elementary school, help the neighbors as much as I can, I was in Josh crews writing club for three years, but if I continue to go on I may never stop. Like I said before I am a very bad reader, but writing is a completely different story for me. When I’m telling someone how I feel I have to basically sit down for some good time and think about what I’m going to say.

But when I write poetry it just flows out, I can say how I feel and I know what I’m saying. When I write about what it’s like to be in school or have anxiety, people my age have shown them my poems to show how they feel. “You’re the voice we wish we had.” Not just young people but adults too. When ever that happens and someone uses my work to help to give an understanding of how they feel and ask for help by using the words that couldn’t piece together but I could. Well when that happens, I know I at least did something right.

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