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Please thank The New Europa for their support of writers and creative folk!

Please thank The New Europa for their support of writers and creative folk!

You hear about people supporting artists. Often, as an artist, that’s about as close as you get. I understand as a writer this scenario plays out because we do not engage others. We’re artists. The solitary endeavor-vocation.

If you put yourself out “there” enough, however, sooner or later you will find people who actually do step up and help. Make no mistake, there exist many who support us. I’ve been fortunate enough, or crazy enough – take your pick, to come across a number of people who do more than their part in supporting writers and artists. Amboz Ferr and Alida Ferrena, owners of the New Europa in the European Village have welcomed The Inspired Mic with enthusiasm. Thursday night was no exception.

We boasted a wonderful cast of local creative people. A couple excellent musicians in Tovah Janovsky and Mark Chirico. Youth (18 and under) in Alexandra King, Angelica Timothy, and David Kozba. Aged wisdom from almost-90-years-young Harvey Baron. A hilarious politician John Brady. And writers (not that some already mentioned are not writers…) Cyndi Rose, Tim Baker, Kevin Cox, Sh’mal Ellenberg, Tracey Yankee (first-time presenter!) and Bianca Mitchell.

I cannot give an overview of the evening at this moment due to time constraints, but I will say this – everyone brought their “A” game and blew us away. Cyndi Rose gave me a new ‘play on words’ concept – “response-ability” which will help me tremendously in times of stress. Mark Chirico sang an original song about his 19 year old son which could easily have been written for my 19 year old son. Check his music out at Mark Chirico.

I could go on about every person who presented. Everyone brought us something of value. Overall though, Abroz and Alida brought our community the most prized and appreciated commodity of all, their enthusiastic support. Their restaurant owns the perfect atmosphere for an event like The Inspired Mic. The warmth they show us is priceless.

Lastly, I encourage our community to support those who support creativity. Please remember the New Europa when you make dinner plans. If you have an event or a large party, think of Abroz and Alida. Their support of the arts and writers in our community is exemplary. Michele and I had a wonderful dinner there a few weeks ago. Atmosphere, good food, and great people.

I appreciate those who support creativity. People like this and many others I’ve met along the way do the same. I don’t think our businesses who support us get nearly enough recognition. If nothing else, stop by and thank them for their support. This post is one of many thanks I throw their way, and I’m looking forward to many more.

Please place on your calendar Thursday, August 25th as the next date for The Inspired Mic. I’m taking names for the lineup now, and we look forward to our next wonderful evening at the New Europa!


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