Tovah Janovsky at The Inspired Mic August 17th!

Tovah Janovsky

Tovah (aka Patricia) Janovsky is a New York City born and bred lady.  Growing up in the 1950’s and 60’s she lived through many historical and cultural events such as the beginning of the Space Race, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the assassination of JFK, had first-hand experience of the “Summer of Love” in San Francisco 1967 which ushered in the hippie generation, worked at MGM/Verve for several years meeting a variety of recording artists of that time, attended Woodstock 1969, worried and prayed for the Apollo 13 astronauts in the midst of that crisis.  She is a poll worker, reading mentor at a local school, and a blood donor (5 gallons in her lifetime).  She also belonged to the Medical Reserve Corp which assists first responders in local emergencies.  She is married to John Janovsky for 47 years; they have 3 grown children and 4 grandsons.

As a reader, she loved the work of Dostoevsky (especially the Brothers Karamazov).  She always liked to write but wondered if her work was any good.  At a business Meetup, she met Chris Speno who told her about the Florida Writers Association and Tovah began going to their meetings to have her work critiqued by other writers.  It was a wonderful experience and she learned a lot of things.  Some short pieces she wrote were published at Poet Plant Press in St. Augustine.  One called “It’s a Jungle Out There” is in the Florida Speaks book.   “Impressions of Arthur”, a free verse poem was published in the first issue of A.C.P.A.P.A. Anthology (Ancient City Poets, Authors, Photographers and Artists)

She’s been writing a blog ( since 2005.  In it she shares stories of her faith walk, spiritual insights, dreams, supernatural experiences, travels and other experiences.  She hopes to do a blog to book in the future.  In the meantime reading (or singing) at Inspired Mic keeps the creative juices flowing.  Stay tuned.


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