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loglineInspired Mic in June!

The summer is kicking off nicely. Our last event Inspired Mic in May was a colossal hit at Cypress Knoll Country Club. We got excellent video which will soon be available on our new site. As soon as we get the final edits on the videos, we will be letting you know!

Speaking of video, we will be attempting to video our BeachHouse Beanery event on June 16th. We believe we will be able to capture a quality video of the presenters as well as excellent audio. Hey, we’re brave! We’ll give it a shot! As of this writing, there are two presenter spots open for the June 16th event. If you would like to present, please email me right away. Author@MichaelRayKing.com

On June 26th, The Inspired Mic and Salvo Art will be teaming up for the Pen Meets Brush event at Salvo Art’s wonderful facility. At this event, ten presenters will read their material while J.J. Graham will interpret what he hears through paint. The canvas will be huge, the presentations huge, and the audience…HUGE!

One of the many cool aspects of this event will be the auctioning of the end product painting with the proceeds going to help with Summer Art Camp scholarships. We are excited to partner with J.J. and Petra at Salvo Art for what will be an incredible evening of entertainment.

Inspired Mic in July!

Yes, July’s Inspired Mic News is huge as well! The Inspired Mic will be holding a “War of the Words” contest where three judges and the audience vote on who presented the highest quality material. The presenter who receives the most votes will win cash! Yes, moolah!

In order to present at The Inspired Mic from July on, presenters must purchase their ticket to hold their place. There will be two ticket prices. The regular $10 ticket will be available. If a presenter wishes to enter the War of the Words Contest, the ticket price is $15. To sign up to be a July presenter, click on the “Presenters Page” above or follow this link: Inspired Mic Sign-up

We are excited about the audience participation in the voting for this and future events. The July event is already halfway filled with respect to presenters, so if you wish to participate, please reserve your spot today. I expect by the June 16th Inspired Mic, the July 21st event will be fully booked.

We are looking forward to The Inspired Mic on June 16th at The BeachHouse Beanery, the Pen Meets Brush at Salvo Art on June 26th, and The Inspired Mic again at The BeachHouse Beanery with the War of the Words Contest on July 21st! Come on out and enjoy!!!


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