February 16th’s Inspired Mic Recap

First off, what an awesome evening! Despite Amboz’s (owner of the New Europa) house burning down just a few days prior to this event, the New Europa presented an excellent staff and venue as always. I truly appreciate the New Europa’s support of the arts in Flagler County.

We had quite the evening. Our presenters were totally “on” with many memorable presentations. We had a standing room only audience that was enthusiastic and very attentive to each presenter. The fact people come out to see local talent and their creativity is testimony that live entertainment is not dead but actually thriving! I am convinced that if you want great live entertainment in Palm Coast with a delicious meal, The Inspired Mic is the place to be.

Our next event will be a slight departure from our “third Thursday of every month” schedule. March 23rd will see the return of The Inspired Mic to the New Europa. I get excited about every month’s event. This March event is special because we have a couple “new” presenters to the stage. We also have the distinct possibility of selling out of tickets for this one. Tickets are already on sale here – Inspired Mic Tickets – and we will have to take them off sale once we hit our maximum capacity. It’s exciting that word is finally spreading about this event. What a great stage for these creative people!

For a taste of last night’s presentations, I leave you with one of my favorite Becky Pourchot stories read by the one and only Becky Pourchot. Enjoy!


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