The Inspired Mic Recap August 18, 2015

loglineAugust 18th Recap

No matter who steps up to the mic, it seems we always have an enjoyable evening. Last night was no exception. In fact, I believe the presenters stood out as quite exceptional.

First up was Alexandra King who delivered high action, blood, tension, and all manner of anxiety. Her story jumped out of the gate running and didn’t slow down one iota throughout. Sh’mal Ellenberg followed with a poignant and revealing story about his decision to become sole caregiver for his father who was suffering from Alzheimer’s. His well-written narrative was delivered quite well.

Laura Federmeyer exercised her writer presentation wings with an excerpt from her newest book, “Mystery of the Old Mill.” This preteen reader came across well with lots of intrigue and action that kept us all engaged. Susan Slater brought us a Dan Mahoney Mystery excerpt from her new book, “Hair of the Dog.” The reading contained a murder, a fire, and a rescue all in the span of about five minutes.

Angelica Timothy, one of The Inspired Mic’s teenage readers, delivered an insightful look into the impending return to school and the hassles attached to that return. From lazy, education-phobic students to poor administration, Angelica delivered a somewhat blistering look at the reality of our school system. Her observations were met with much support from the audience.

After the break, Mel Johnson stood up to the microphone and segued us into the fact that he does not write poetry, but he DOES enjoy one form of poetry – music. Mel then proceeded to sing karaoke, a Kris Kristofferson tune, “Loving Her Was Easier.” We were all amazed at his voice and his ability to not only carry a tune, but cultivate it well for our ears. Bodil Haheim, aka Lady Love Rebel, followed Mel with an original song titled, “Sharing” from her upcoming album “…but Alive!!!” Lady Love brings passion and power with a voice that can be soft or gravel, loud or gentle, and lyrics she penned herself from her heart.

Ernest Gallo brought us some backstory as well as recent events surrounding the 1967 attack by the Israeli’s on the USS Liberty. Ernie is one of the survivors of that attack, and he is on a mission to overcome the governmental coverup of the incident. Renny Roker brought us quite the poignant story about his father making the decision to move his family from somewhat horrific living circumstances into a place the family could blossom and grow. This very moving piece of writing came from the first chapter of his book titled, “Positivity.”

Jim Farrell surprised us all with a very adult reading from his new book, “The Extraordinary Banana Tree.” This excerpt stood as incredibly hilarious, gross, shocking, and entertaining. Jim has such a way with humor even in the more vile circumstances of life, and this presentation was a true gem. The visuals he created will be in my mind for some time to come! Last, but certainly not least, Kevin Cox delivered another hilarious real life (wink, wink) piece of writing, this time about growing up in Red Hook, NY. Needless to say, hijinks were afoot. Suffice it to say things were blown up and Kevin, er, Shawn escaped unscathed. This man like Jim who read before him, has a wonderful way with humor.

I must say this. Last night our presenters filled two hours of our time with amazing stories, poems, and songs that entertained us at a very high level. Each presenter did themselves proud. The talent we have around us here in Flagler County is astounding. Please look these folk up and get hold of some of their work.

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