Jodi Hockinson – A March 23rd Inspired Mic Presenter!

Jodi Hockinson

Jodi Hockinson is the author of Between Two Worlds, a fantasy novel of time travel and shape shifting.  Book I in the Lion Clan series, available on Amazon in paperback, kindle and audible.  

This is a fantasy realism story that takes place in the Blue Mountains of Oregon on three different timelines, in the sixties, the eighties, and then the late nineties, which from the viewpoint of the story, is the current timeline.

Temi Black is part of a hybrid breed of people called the Lion Clan who have the ability to change shape into mountain lions. They can also visit the past or present, but with limited abilities once they arrive, and no control over where they are going when they travel.

The entire group lives in the foothills of Picpic mountain, meaning “cat” in the Cayuse language.  Their power is rooted in the heart of this mountain, and it diminishes when they travel too far away.

The people of the mountain lion clan believe that their brief travels though time are spiritual in nature. Temi exhibits exceptional power by traveling without warning as a child.  Her mother panics and moves her away from the mountains. 

The other main character, John, is just a visitor in the mountains, who comes for his annual fishing trip, and crosses paths with Temi on three occasions, twice when she is a small child, and once when she is in her teens.

John and Temi meet up in the modern day, and begin to discover how their timelines are connected, and how their destinies might unfold.

There are unique “rules” to these people, such as what happens when a member of the lion clan clan breeds with a human, how it works when one jumps forward, or backward, in time, how the young come in to their powers, what happens when they stay away from the mountains, and even what happens when they die.There are a couple of great cliffhangers, while wrapping up the story, leave you wanting to know more… In the upcoming sequel, scheduled to release before Christmas, we will learn more of the story of Temi’s parents, more about the next generation that has grown up since the nineties, why Temi’s mother panicked and took Temi away from the mountains, and how this special group of people came into existence.

Between Two Worlds is Jodi’s eighth book, and her first work of fiction.  Her other books include special interest diet cookbooks for people with gout and ulcerative colitis, a tutorial about investing Tax Certificates in Florida, and hosted a Cooking DVD for persons with gout.  She holds degrees in social sciences/history, liberal arts and nutrition.  Jodi is also a professional narrator, and is the voice of over two dozen books on, including three books in the Covington Chronicles series, by Mary Lou Cheatham.


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