Pen Meets Brush Spotlight – Shm’al Ellenberg June 26, 2015

Pen Meets Brush – June 26, 2015

The Inspired Mic is teaming up with Salvo Art in Palm Coast to present “Pen Meets Brush” where 10 presenters will deliver their creative material while artist J.J. Graham paints his interpretation of their work live. The painting will then be auctioned off to help support scholarships for children in the Summer Art Camp Program at Salvo. J.J., nor anyone else, for that matter, will know the content of each presenters’ work beforehand. This event pairs at least three incredible creative mediums in one event. Click this link for tickets: Pen Meets Brush

Shmal EllenbergShm’al Ellenberg

After 75 years of life there’s a long list of bio special incidents.I’ll take you back in time. I left home at 19 after waking my parents and telling the I was getting a ride to Los Angeles. No previous discussion otherwise it would not have happened.

The first night, driving through Columbus, Ohio, the dirver-owner of the car got into a race on the main four lane out of town. The other driver was so angry we were beating him, he caught up with us and intentionally slamed his car into ours knocking us into a telephone pole. No one was hurt, but the driver-owner of the car begged for me to say I was the driver since he had no drivers license.

My immediate thought was if he went to jail I was stuck so since we weren’t to blame I naively told the police i was the driver. They took me to jail. As we drove in the patty wagon my 19 year-old mind wondered if this was a sign. Yes it was. Whatever the complcated inclination in me was to get on with my life I knew nothing had changed in the last 12 hours.

The driver driver-owner was a stand-up dude and bailed me out. Well, after all. He paid for a motel for a few days until the car was repaired and off I went on my magical mystery tour of a blesssed life.

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