Terry Michael Hagans – The Inspired Mic Spotlight – May 19th

The Inspired Mic is now entering its third year! We began this wonderful trek at The BeachHouse Beanery in May of 2013. May the 19th is technically the official two-year mark as we began on the third Tuesday of the month way back when. The Inspired Mic boasts writers of all genres, magicians, musicians, mentalists, actors, motivational speakers, painters, just to name a few. The write-ups you will be reading on this site were all written by the presenters as a way for you to get to know them. Pick your tickets up now, because they are $10 in advance, $15 at the door! You may get tickets in person at Change Jar Books, Flagler Beach Gift Shop, and The BeachHouse Beanery.You may also purchase advance tickets at The Inspired Mic

Terry M. Atlanta(1)Terry Michael Hagans

In the 1980’s I corresponded with an American Jesuit who, as I recall, commented that we do not save ourselves, we are saved through others. In another time John Donne wrote that no man is an island.

When my wife and I moved to Palm Coast four and a half years ago we met Nadine King at her Christmas Come True retail store next to Bahama Mamas in Flagler Beach and later met one of her friends, Tim Baker. He’d been writing and was writing and to this day I remember him telling me that if I had that passion I only had to engage it. He wasn’t telling me something new but it came through as something he had experienced as really true.

One word, one person can set things in motion in another. Tim did that for me in a very subtle way even though our writing forms and styles are as different as night is from day.

One thing led to another. Indirectly, through crooked lines. A genealogy of sorts emerged and I met Michael Ray King. And have been at the Inspired Mic on and off for well over a year. I am thankful, and thankful for meeting another writer, Becky Pourchot. She has told me that she appreciates the writing I have chosen to share. That spurred me on some more.

So, as these and unnamed others have urged me to write, I hope to touch at least one of you with my calling. My interest is descriptive and of the heart. Not action paced or based. Call it poetic if you will. You can judge for yourself come May 19.

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