Inspired Mic News!

With the addition of St. Augustine twice a month, The Inspired Mic will now be accessible three times a month! We provide a stage for creative people to show off what they’ve been working on. Writers, magicians, comedians, musicians, dancers, poets, motivational speakers, artists.

In St. Augustine, we will be adding a few cool things. One will be tables for presenters to sell their books/CD’s/DVD’s etc of their work. The Inspired Mic attracts people who enjoy entertainment. One of the charms of the event is that the entertainment comes from local people.

With the addition of St. Augustine, we now have many presenter slots open and available. Simple email us at: If you want to come check us out first to see what you’d be getting into, grab yourself a ticket and come on out! Our next event is Thursday, August 16th at the Europa in the European Village, Palm Coast. Here are a couple links for you

The Inspired Mic Tickets

The Inspired Mic Facebook Event Page

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