Hidden Valley: Game On!

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Hidden Valley – The Awakening began this book series with a growl and a howl. Now, Hidden Valley – Game On picks up the pace. Here’s what Beta-readers are saying about Hidden Valley – Game On:

Breathtaking, suspenseful and exciting. A great read for native and international speakers. It is very addictive to read which makes it catchy and intriguing. Impossible to put it down. A Page turner. The story is very well written to the point that it makes you feel involved. Ella Babakhanyan

This book had me slamming my fist and yelling “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” There was so many plot twists and surprises that nobody could have seen coming. The words “Expect the unexpected” have been taken to the next level. Just when I thought the drama could not escalate further, it escalated further. Doesn’t look like anyone’s going to be safe in Hidden Valley. I can’t wait for the next book. Joshua Lee Young

This book is FANTASTIC! I dig all the plot twists and it’s left me wanting more; I just can’t get enough of these werewolves! You’ve got a stellar book on your hands! Destined to be a hit. Can’t wait for the next one or the movie. :)  Dominique Alexi
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Clipped in Book Cover FrontClipped In: The Ride of a Lifetime

Steven Cohen takes you through a mystical journey of BMX bike racing compounded by life’s lessons in hopes that young adults will be captivated by the sport. Many of the events are based on real people and real characterizations of mentors and sages alike. Mr. Cohen honors all athletes who strive at a goal and achieve it or come close. He dedicates his efforts in this fictional story to the parents who financially support any child, even if not their own. The biggest sacrifice any parent makes is the support they provide for a child.

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  1. Renny, success is measured in many ways but the most critical if not most important is — How your actions have positively impacted the lives of others and in particular our Youth. I know from a personal level your legacy is positioned to be a great one and this book will only add to yours.

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