Mary Turner at The Inspired Mic on August 17th

Lights! Camera! Oooops!
There’s plenty of action in the Space Coast novels, as television actor Jody Sommars stumbles upon what she calls performance art, which sets the stage for small town crimes and misdemeanors. Jody and her gal-pal, Jamie Dawson, have to set right all kinds of wrongs that cross their paths. It all plays out on Florida’s Space Coast, where NASA shuttles once flew.
In Book 1 of the Space Coast series, Space Coast Island, performance art is the very flashy American Saddlebred show horses caught in the middle of an old fashioned land-grab.
In Book 2 of the Space Coast series, Space Coast Musical, the performance takes place at the Belle Playhouse community theatre, where they are putting on yet another production of Les Miz. What can go right? In professional actor Jody Sommars’ world, sometimes everything.
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