The Inspired Mic Tuesday July 21st!!!

Cypress Knoll Will Host July 21st Inspired Mic!

cropped-InspiredTransparent.pngYes, Tuesday evening will be special. We not only have an incredible lineup, we also will introduce our first “competition” in a “War of the Words” format. More on that in a moment. Right now, I want to go over our presenters.

In no particular order, we have Angelica Timothy who blew away the audience at Pen Meets Brush last month. She’s entered in the competition and should be a formidable opponent. Renny Roker will be bringing his message of Positivity from his newly published book titled Positivity. He too will be in the competition and loves a challenge. Yvonne Rice, who presented for the first time at The Inspired Mic in June will be bringing it in the competition as well.

Heidi Tassone, one of The Inspired Mic’s loyal presenters and fan is back in July after a month away. Heidi likes to write with a ‘twist’ and always delivers something cool. Stan Drescher loves to write metered poetry that is usually historical and/or locally themed. He’s presented some fun pieces in past months. Ashley Flores will be back for her second Inspired Mic presentation. She absolutely blew us away in May with her Shakespearean tinged monologue. She is entered in the competition as well.

Alexandra King, back from Salt Lake City, steps into July’s Inspired Mic as our third 16 year old. She’s been presenting at The Inspired Mic for over a year now. She too is entered into the competition. These teenagers seem to love the challenge of competitive presentation! OJ Bryant is back as well.OJ always has something powerful to say. This will be her second time presenting and we look forward to what she has to bring. Steve Boone of The Lovin’ Spoonful fame returns this month. Steve’s been all over the country and it is always a pleasure to hear a little something about what rock and roll life was like in the 60’s.

Mystic “Mel” Melvin returns this month. I cannot begin to write of this man’s incredible ability to grab an audience, make us laugh, and move us in incredible ways. We are thrilled to see him back on his feet and ready to roll! Cyndi Rose has been with us since our beginning two years ago. Cyndi tends to present very socially conscious writing. She always makes us think and look at our world from a different perspective.

Ron Adams is back as well. This will be his second presentation at The Inspired Mic. His first one was full of powerful life experience and lessons on making change in our lives. Our dear Harvey Baron returns with is 88 year old homespun humor. Harvey can charm you into laughter with his turns of phrases and unique perspective on life situations.

I’m telling you, this will be an Inspired Mic you do not want to miss. Great entertainment, great food by Cypress Knoll Bistro (formally Leroy’s 19th Hole), and the uniqueness of diversity of original presentations. Tickets are available at Change Jar Books in Flagler Beach, Cypress Knoll Bistro, and online at The Inspired Mic.

As to the competition, the audience will vote on which presenter entertained them the most. There will be three judges whose vote will each be worth 10% of the overall vote. This competition will bring out the “A” game in our contestants and should spice up the energy levels. The winner will walk away with a crisp $50 bill!

So come on out, have some fun, participate in the voting, relax with some great friends and food and drink and enjoy some eclectic fun! We look forward to seeing you there! Cypress Knoll Country Club at 6:30pm Tuesday July 21st! Be there or be square!!!

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