You Heard it Here First!

For those of you who missed the July 19th edition of The Inspired Mic, you missed one of the most amazing nights in our 5+ years of existence. What a night! Every presenter brought their A+ material. I was laughing so hard in a number of places I couldn’t speak.

Anyone who missed Angelica’s laugh missed out on a “9th Wonder of the World” style laugh. Poor girl! Everyone thought she was going to need to be resuscitated.

I would recap the entire night, as I’ve done in the past, but I fear I would not do our presenters justice. Suffice it to say, the night was amazing. Talk to any of the forty or so who attended. I guarantee they will tell you that you missed something special.

News? What news?

Oh. The headline.

The Inspired Mic will be expanding to St. Augustine in September. All we must do is finalize the dates and times. The venue is AWESOME! The Europa is our Palm Coast home. We will continue to run the third Thursday each month there.

My friend Liz broached the subject of holding a St. Augustine version of The Inspired Mic to a restaurant owner in downtown St. Augustine and they are thrilled. This is going to be a blast! As soon as we firm up the details, I will post them on Facebook as well as this page.

I love The Inspired Mic event each month. I’ve been asked before to hold the event in St. Augustine as well as Palm Coast in the past, but none of the venues could meet the “atmosphere” requirements. Especially with settings like The BeachHouse Beanery and the Europa. NOW, we have the venue, we have agreement, and soon The Inspired Mic will be running twice a month!

Check back for details!

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