The Inspired Mic Recap – October 20, 2015

loglineWhat Went on Tuesday Night!!!

The Inspired Mic Tuesday night played to a full house. What a night! As always, we had tears, laughter, impressive presentations, good food and a great time! Evenings like this are difficult to find anywhere else. The entertainment began with Sh’mal Ellenberg’s touching, poetic ode to Linda whose battle with cancer looms large once again. His heartfelt presentation of her strength and gentle nature was at once sad and a testament to a wonderful woman. Sixteen-year-old Angelica Timothy brought something new and different, as she often does. This night she sang a song she composed. The lyrics amazed as they addressed a hypothetical person on the verge of suicide, with the eloquent a powerful refrain of “You’re not worthless, and they’re not worth it…” I continue to say our young people are much more talented and insightful than they are portray by our media.

Carol Welsh brought us a heartwarming real-life story of her adopted son having his birth mother come into his life. An incredible family bond between the three of them felt so warm and amazing, that is a story you would not want to miss. To this day, decades later, the bond remains strong as ever. This is the type of story we should all hear more often. Alexandra King delivered a sci-fi oriented piece that is part of a collaborative project. As always, she delivered vivid imagery and dark, laugh-out-loud humor. Another of our teenage presenters, she presented with poise and confidence.

Newcomer to The Inspired Mic impressed us all with his lengthy poem “Live On” which he recited from memory. The poem took us through many of the ups and downs of life, and sent the strong message that through everything, we still “Live On.” Eighty-eight-year-old Harvey Baron had us laughing and in awe of his touching ode to his heart and how they (he and his heart) have survived all these decades together. Harvey is a treasure, and anytime you get a chance to hear him recite a story, all I can say is – enjoy.

Surprise guest of the evening was Mr. Steve Boone of The Lovin’ Spoonful fame. He read a chapter from his book, “Hotter Than a Matchhead” about the ill-fated trip where he attempted to sail a load of marijuana to Jamaica back in December of 1980. His book truly is a must-read book. After our intermission, Mel Johnson broke out his karaoke machine and sang a Dylan tune. Mel has one of those voices that you just do not expect. He has great voice control and he tunes into a lyric as well as anyone. Heidi Tassone brought a humorous piece this time about a Jewish family who decides (at least the mother did) to celebrate Christmas instead. As extended family members arrived at the house, funny hi-jinks ensued.

David Kozba, another of our teenage presenters, and a first-time presenter at The Inspired Mic, brought his own brand of sci-fi to the audience. His enthusiasm was infectious and his story held interesting premises. Renny Roker brought a chapter from his book “Positivity” and delivered the story about Casey Kasem of American Top 40 fame. Renny always strives to deliver the positive message and this night was no different.

Tricia Culligan presented a touching ode to her son and her abiding love for him throughout the decades. I was choked up on this piece as it delivered sentiment on that level a parent truly loves to access with regard to their children. Tricia’s voice is soft and soothing but contains so much strength, missing this presentation would have been sad. Jim Farrell read from his book “Kiss Me Kate” and as always, brought smiles to everyone. Jim has a knack for getting the audience in tune with him and his stories are fun and easy to follow.

Mystic Mel Melvin finished up the evening with a hilarious take on social issues. Mel always delivers fun everywhere he goes, and he’s consistently brought fun and laughter to The Inspired Mic over the years. If you missed Tuesday’s event, you missed a special one. Then again, they’re all special, aren’t they?

When you put a collection of creative people in one room and give each of them six minutes to impress an audience with whatever they believe is entertaining, you cannot help but produce an evening of delight. The Inspired Mic, now in its third year, strives for this each month. The next performance is Tuesday November 17th. The way to remember the date is the third Tuesday of each month brings The Inspired Mic to town. Make plans now to come on out and enjoy the festivities in November before all that holiday hullabaloo. You’ll be glad you did!


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