Kevin Cox at The Inspired Mic Thursday September 21st!

Kevin Cox

Kevin Cox was a New York City Cop in the Seventies. He worked for a year in Bedford–Stuyvesant followed by a year on the Apple (42nd and 7th, Times Square). He finally found a home at the 83rd Precinct in Bushwick Brooklyn. While Kevin worked there the Precinct of only approximately three square miles ran over six hundred shootings a year. He worked on the street during the Blackout of 1977 when the precinct was hit the looting on an unprecedented scale. Over one hundred thousand rioters looted and burned almost every store on Broadway in Brooklyn. That was followed less than a week later with the largest fire in Brooklyn’s history. Kevin retired from the NYPD due to injuries and moved to Pennsylvania where he worked as an Enforcement Officer for the Cumberland County courts.

Kevin received numerous medals and honors from the city of New York. He was a member of the Honor Legion of the NYPD. In his life, Kevin made over a thousand arrests.

He has one book out and two others due out soon. The one presently out is “A Year In Bushwick”. In the book, he tried to give the feeling of what it was like back then. If you decide to read the book and you like it buy a lot of copies to give out to people you like as Christmas presents. If you don’t like it still buy the copies and give them to people you don’t like. They won’t know which category they fit in.

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