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Patrick WilliamsDr. Patrick Williams, Ed. D., MCC

One of the early pioneers of coaching, Pat is often called the ambassador of life coaching.  Pat has been a licensed psychologist since 1980 and began executive coaching in 1990 with Hewlett Packard, IBM, Kodak and other companies along the front range of Colorado.

Most recently Pat has focused his coaching on private corporations and Federal government entities going through transitions and adaptive leadership challenges in the non profit community.

He is a member of PHI BETA KAPPA and CUM LAUDE graduate of Kansas University in 1972. He completed his masters in Humanistic Psychology in 1975 (University of West Georgia) and doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology in 1977, (University of Northern Colorado) His dissertation was Transpersonal Psychology and the Evolution of Consciousness.

Pat joined Coach U in 1996, closed his 16 year therapy practice six months later and became a full time coach. Pat was a senior trainer with Coach U from 1997-1998. He then started his own coach training school, the Institute for Life Coach Training (ILCT) which specializes in training those with a human services orientation. ILCT has trained over 3,500 helping professionals and has opened offices in Korea, Turkey, Italy, China, and the UK.

Pat is department chair of the Coaching Psychology program at the International University of Professional Studies (, and has taught graduate coaching classes at Colorado State University and Denver University, Fielding University, Loyola University, City University of London and many others. He was also a curriculum consultant for the Coaching Certificate program at Fielding International University.

Pat is a past board member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), and co-chaired the ICF regulatory committee. He is past president of ACTO, the Association of Coach Training Organizations and an honorary VP of the International Society of Coaching Psychology. Pat was also honored in 2008 as the educator of the year for the New England Educational Institute.

In May of 2006 Pat was awarded the first Global Visionary Fellowship by the Foundation of Coaching for his Coaching the Global Village ( initiative to bring coaching methodologies to villages in developing countries and to leaders of non profits and nongovernmental organizations who serve them. He is passionate about coaching and dedicated to ensuring it remains a respected profession.

Current projects have included teaching coaching to dozens of federal prisoners, speaking at their graduation ceremonies and currently working on a documentary film about the power of the coach approach for those in prison and for re-entry success back into society.

And he is a newly certified (2015) trainer for Points of You ™ an international training company with tools for inspiration and creative communication.

Pat has authored multiple articles and has co-authored the following books:

Most recently he is a contributor to The Philosophy and Practice of Coaching (Chapter 1, 2008)

Pat continues to coach, train and lead in the ever evolving field of professional, life, and wellness coaching

Pat has a new book which he will be touching on at our June 2nd event titled, Getting Naked: On Being Emotionally Transparent at the Right time, the Right Place, and with the Right Person.

(Ways to discover your Authentic Self at Work, Home, in Relationships, and Life.)

 Expert on Psychology and Life and Wellness Coaching, Patrick Williams believes that we can never live fully or optimally if we have no places in our lives where we can be naked emotionally and spiritually. And we need to choose the right people and the right time for this self-disclosure.

He will speak about those times in his life when being naked emotionally in a safe and trusting place influenced his personal and spiritual development at various stages. He will then teach you the important and necessary requirements to find places, spaces and times to be naked at the right time, with the right people, in the right way, at home, at work, at play, and in life. This book is not about physical nakedness.  It is about being emotionally naked and transparent, spiritually vulnerable, and possessing the willingness to expose one’s deepest truth. I define naked living as the ability to be vulnerable, honest, transparent, shame free, and unburdened.


I’ve seen Patrick Williams naked!

(With clothes on)  What you’ll read here will be honest and true and will give you the courage to live the same way.  This book will make a case for why you’d want to do so.  Let Dr. Pat show you how covering up and hiding are doing you no favors and what to do instead.”

Laura Berman Fortgang, Author of the Little Book On Meaning and Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction and featured guest on Oprah.

 “Yes, there are books about being authentic out there, but in today’s persona-driven world where people routinely fake credentials and caring, Patrick Williams’ approach is sorely needed.  Patrick is authentic, optimistic and practical in guiding us to live comfortably in our own skin and to be vulnerable and real with others. His invitation to realness is highly recommended in this disconnected, virtual world.”

Bill O’Hanlon, featured Oprah guest, author of Do One Thing Different


As a millennial I can say that Pat’s focus on deepening our relationships through cultivating courage, and living more authentically is refreshing. Reminiscent of the work of Brené Brown, Getting Naked is a bold, funny, and inspirational read. This book not only challenges us to think more carefully about how to build connection into our lives, but also ultimately offers the millennial generation a roadmap for experiencing a more meaningful way of living and working.”

Joshua Steinfeldt, Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP), and Professional Certified Coach


Authenticity is one of the most admired and desired characteristics there is.  Yet, how often do we hold back from revealing our “true self”?  Getting Naked may be just the disarming message that allows us to loosen up and learn how to be safely ourselves.  Coaches who don’t reveal anything about their selves are not trusted.  Those who reveal indiscriminately and often are thought to be incompetent.  In this entertaining, provocative, and yet practical book, Patrick Williams helps us find the balance that can let our authentic selves flourish.

Michael Arloski, Ph.D., PCC, CWP is CEO and founder of Real Balance Global Wellness Services, Inc., a licensed psychologist and coach who has trained thousands wellness & health coaches worldwide. (


Getting Naked is a must-read for everyone who wants to improve their life and their relationships — be it with partners, children, parents or friends.  Coaches and therapists will find this book enlightening, refreshing and inspirational and so will all who work on transforming their life.

Cloe Madanes, author of Relationship Breakthrough, and a world-renowned innovator and teacher of family and brief therapy.



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  1. Patrick,I am in northern Colorado and would love a few minutes if your time. If you are in Northern Colorado, would this be possible? You can find me in LinkedIn also.
    Thanks so much,
    Ashleigh Brenton

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