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The Inspired Mic returns! Our first revival of the monthly event will occur at The Hammock Wine and Cheese in The Hammock, 5368 North Oceanshore Blvd, Palm Coast  32137! They’ve got a great little stage, good wine and food, and a gorgeous outdoor seating area under the old oaks.

Your prepaid ticket gets you in the event as well as helps us attain a headcount for our hosts. The Inspired Mic will, of course, hold a raffle at the end of the evening. Prepare yourself for an evening of local flavor entertainment! Purchase your tickets today!

Tickets are available here for advance purchase at $10.00 each. 


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  1. Your meetings sounds very interesting. I have authored a poem titled “You Have to Live on”

    It takes about two and a half minutes

    I would like to recite it. Is it best to schedule ahead of time?

  2. What am I missing? I didn’t see where to put my name to be a speaker-reader on the June 2. So, if there is still a space I can share something touching.

    • Hey Sh’mal! Just go to the ticket purchase tab and pay for your ticket and you are on the list. Your name will be on a list at the door.

  3. Ah yes, My Journey on the EuroStar from London to Frankfort,the fleeting land of Europe speeding across my sleepy eyes,the mixture of automobiles along 95 bringing me to the Europa Cafe in Palm Coast,wake ye to life abundance.

  4. I’m leaving for Seattle tomorrow afternoon for 2 weeks and return on June 30. It’ll be a squeeze for me but I enjoy the venue and will have something to share if there’s still an opening. Same story, social worker who worked for a few years with homeless people in Gainesville. Ah, maybe one of their stories. Seven minutes??

    • The Inspired Mic event runs once a month. Our next date is Thursday August 25th. Each presenter gets 7 minutes behind the microphone to present their creative endeavor. To get on the list of presenters, simply click the “Presenter Guidelines” tab and follow the directions. Congrats on the book! 🙂

  5. Fourteen local area writers, publishers, humorists and yes, even magicians attend this terrific venue created by Michael Ray King. This is a great place to reveal 7 minutes of your creativity and test the response from a random audience of your peers. Let’s keep the Inspired Mic alive!

  6. I purchased tickets for December last night 12/8. I am hoping to do a presentation on Dec 16. I inadvertently sent them to our summer address in Rock Hill, NY. The correct address is 10 Oceanside drive, Palm Coast, Fl 32137.
    Please let me know if there is a reserved position for me and if you can correct this mistake.

  7. I purchased two tickets under my husbands name, Fred Miller on paypal. He will not be attending. I will be presenting and bringing two friends. I
    also purchased a third ticket on my Visa card, Bank of America 8065.
    This email is to avoid confusion
    3Tickets to be on the door list – Kate Miller and two friends, Diana Springfield and Helena Angell. Thank you

  8. Michael:
    I would like to purchase tickets for 7, this month. I just finished book 2 (WADING ON) and want to talk to you about publishing. Any room to present this month?
    First, need tickets. I see Pay Pal. I do not belong. I can always buy at the door. Will there be room?

  9. I’d like to come to the readings tonight, but where do I find out what time and how much tickets are?
    Mary T

  10. Hi Micheal:

    I bought a ticket for Thursday’s event to show my support for The Inspired Mic, even though I can’t attend Thursday as I just got a paid music gig for the evening.

    I’m sorry.

    Have a happy birthday Michael and thanks for all you do for the Volusia/Flagler literary community!

  11. My Daughter continues to get inspiration from this venue.

    Thank you for the place that Kristin May exercise her emotions and her feelings and to inspire others in their creativity.

    • Kristin shows an amazing aptitude for public motivational speaking. She has an amazing dedication to learning and improving. This will serve her well. She is a delight.

  12. Hi Mike,
    I would like a slot for 10/18/18 if any are available. It will not be music, and I’m happy to go on later in the lineup. I timed my spiel. It is 8 minutes. Hope that is okay.
    Thanks, Kathy

  13. Mike,

    I’d really like to see Marissa perform at the inspired mic. She can’t make March 21st, and her schedule is quite busy going forward. Can you give me the next few event dates in either St. Augustine and Flagler Beach?

    • Right now we only have the Flagler County event at Hidden Treasures Restaurant. The third Thursday of each month. The next one is March 21st, then April 18th. Check your calendar for date after that. Always the third Thursday

  14. Mike,

    Both my girls had a change in heart and decided they’d like to present for the Inspired Mic in June when school’s out. What’s the process for signing them up hoping that time is available for them.

    • Go to the main website and click on “Presenter Guidelines” at the top of the page. All the information you need is right there.

      • i didn’t look closely at the date and yesterday (5/21 )purchased ticket for the may 16th show
        on the site.. i will try to cancel the purchase with my credit card

        • You may use those tickets for the June event or I can refund them for you. Let me know and I will take care of it immediately! 🙂

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