Some Days Simply Surprise You…

The night of October 11th delivered quite the special evening at The Inspired Mic. I’m just now compiling some of the video from various sources. This one came in as a complete surprise. Mystic Mel is not only a gracious and amazing performer, writer, and magician, I count Mel as a dear friend. Despite dyslexia, Mel wrote a wonderful book titled, “Behind the Eight Ball – The Misadventures of Mystic Mel.”

The title of his book is a hyperlink directly connected to Barnes and Noble’s website where you may purchase a copy. This is a tiny gesture on my part for a life altering gesture on his. Mel recorded the following video which for me stands as one of two instances when I became “spotlighted at The Inspired Mic which have meant the world to me. The other was on my birthday at The Europa when Becky Pourchot presented me with a birthday poem. Unfortunately, I fear Becky’s video is lost forever because I’ve not found a recording of her performance. I had believed my sister’s introduction was not captured on video until Mel sent me this yesterday.

Thank you Mel for exemplifying what being an awesome friend means and thank you sis for the decades we’ve spent lifting each other up. Life is amazing my friends. When we take the time to live life rather than distract ourselves from its beauty, that’s when we come closest to joy.

For those who attended the October 11th Inspired Mic in St. Augustine, what a beautiful evening, eh? Let’s enjoy more of those. I’m looking for a few presenters for November 8th. Please step up and reveal your talent to the world…get on stage and present at The Inspired Mic. Email me at

Thank you Nancy… (and Mel) for this…

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