The Inspired Mic – Thursday February 16th!

February at The Inspired Mic is shaping up to be something special. We’ve filled all our presenter slots for February and we’re already filling slots for March and April. In Florida, we often see spring-like weather. Heck, I’ve even had pollen on my car! With the presenters building up, The Inspired Mic shows all signs of blossoming into a hot ticket event!

We welcome presenters to give us write-ups on themselves and what they’re doing so we may pass them along to the world. We also ask for a picture of some sort to go along with the write-up. The information may be as brief or as long as the presenter desires. Don’t forget to get your tickets early as sales are brisk for the February event already. You may purchase your tickets here: The Inspired Mic.

Kevin Cox

Kevin has a new police story for this month’s Inspired Mic. It, of course, is like all of his other stories, completely fictional – or not. You can decide. ┬áKevin has written a novella that he hasn’t decided if he will publish. He also has written a few short stories which, if he does publish the novella, he will add to it and make it a collection. He is now writing a sequel to his first book “A Year in Bushwick.” This one is titled, “Back in Bushwick.”

Here’s a link to Kevin’s book on Amazon: Kevin Cox


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