The Inspired Mic Has a New Home in Palm Coast!

Hidden Treasure Raw Bar and Grill – The Inspired Mic’s new Flagler County Home!

As you may have read in the previous post on this site, The Inspired Mic launched its St. Augustine event on September 13th. Not only in attendance but also presenting were the owners of the past and present homes of The Inspired Mic. Carol Fisher, Alida Ferrena, and Gerry O’Hare all welcomed us into our new digs in St. Augustine.

Yes, we at The Inspired Mic were sad when Alida and Ambroz had to sell the Europa, but good things come with change. The Inspired Mic has been enthusiastically welcomed by Hidden Treasure Raw Bar and Grill just over the bridge in Flagler Beach! Just 5 minutes off I95, plenty of parking, delicious food, wonderful wait staff, and a room all to ourselves, Hidden Treasure looks to be an excellent fit for our event!

The Inspired Mic has added a couple of team members to assist in coordinating and producing this event each month. Liz Bouvia has joined forces with founder Michael Ray King. The two of us are working diligently to produce three events a month, two in St. Augustine and one in Flagler Beach/Palm Coast. As we progress and upgrade The Inspired Mic, new people will be added to the team. They will be highlighted once we have them in place!

Our excitement for the new venue at Hidden Treasure took us by surprise. As much as we loved the Europa (thank you Ambroz and Alida), Candi at Hidden Treasure has made us feel more than welcome and the room we have is more private than any we’ve had in the past.

We invite you to our first event at Hidden Treasure on October 18th at 6:00 pm for an eclectic entertainment event that only The Inspired Mic can pull off! Delicious food, excellent wait staff, enjoyable entertainment, and our end-of-the-evening raffle! Get your tickets today! Seating is limited! Here’s the link! The Inspired Mic Palm Coast Tickets

We will see you there!



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  1. what time does it all start at Hidden Treasure tonight ? I read that it is from 6pm to 9pm but at what time do the actual presenters start ?

    • Hi Sally! Yes, the time is 6pm – 9pm. The first presenter begins at 6:30 sharp. We ask that people arrive at 6:00 because ordering drinks and food (if desired) can be handled so as to minimize background noise and distractions. There will always be those distractions, but at least it allows everyone to get settled in. 🙂

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