The Inspired Mic in July!

We love to have fun!

The Inspired Mic is going strong in 2019. We’ve had a few more people take the stand-up comedy trail. A couple months ago, Kevin Cox had us all laughing. Last month (June), John Brady tried his hand at funny business and performed admirably.

Our lineups each month vary, as always, by content, age, and genre. When I write genre, it’s more about what entertainment medium. In June, we had two young ladies bring their musical talents to our stage. Marissa sang an original song as she played accompaniment with her guitar and Alyssa played keyboard solos. Each will be returning on July 18th.

Alida Ferrena stopped in and presented some wonderful material. She is moving to NY and will be sorely missed. Without Alida and her brother Ambroz, The Inspired Mic would have ended three years ago.

Angelica Timothy returned last month from over a year’s absence. Angelica was one of many teenagers who graced The Inspired Mic’s stage for years. As they’ve aged up and into jobs, schools, etc, we have missed them dearly. It’s always a pleasure to welcome them back.

Alexandra King brought her dark, brooding fiction to the stage after being away for quite a while. She too, was one of the many teenagers who presented regularly for years.

Becky Pourchot popped back in along with first-time presenter Tony Brown. Becky was the first-ever presenter at The Inspired Mic and she always brings something enticing to the mind and heart and soul. Tony was tremendous in his first ever presentation.

Sean Moylan always pleases. You would swear he must have an eidetic memory, but he assures me its just a matter of working hard at something he loves. He actually gives us tips on how to improve our ability to recite from memory. He brought us a taste of Sun Tzu last month. His diversity is amazing.

Shari Falter brought us some witchiness, which ended up being one of a couple of themes last month. Her compelling reading from her novel was a wonderful addition to the evening.

Kevin Cox brought back his NY City cop story about the funeral parlor incident. If you have not heard or read this account of the macabre, you’re missing out!

Bianca Simone. Bianca writes with power, emotion, and joy. She continues to write, with her next book due out soon. Bianca looks at life through her writing in real, raw terms. The good and the not so good. She is always a delight.

Richard Meo presented last June, much to my enjoyment. Richard is not only one of the brave firemen who risked their lives at 911, he’s also an amazing researcher/historian. His third book in the series, “Fatal Flaws” is in production at the writing of this post. This series chronicles what led up to the 911 attacks, tracing back through the years how everything came to such a cataclysmic event. The intellectual side of life was the other theme of the evening, btw.

I had not intended this to be a recap of June, but the event was so awesome, I fell into doing so without noticing – until now. Each month is like this. We hope to see you this month, July 18th, at Hidden Treasures in Flagler Beach!

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